The State of FinTech

The recent travails of Lending Club have shone a not-so-flattering light on FinTech startups.¬†On the surface, the finance industry replete with large slow-to-innovate institutions appears ripe for disruption. However, the performance of the recently public FinTech companies shows that finance make not be as easy a target for disruption as FinTech companies have made out. … Continue reading The State of FinTech

Correlation – The Need For ‘Stationary’ Data

How correlated are Intel and Google’s stock ¬†prices? The below graph shows the daily close of prices of both from mid 2009 to mid 2011. From first impressions, it certainly looks like the two price series move in tandem and should have a high correlation. Indeed it turns out that correlation coefficient of the two … Continue reading Correlation – The Need For ‘Stationary’ Data